Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jesus Time.

I'm so naive. I think I can control everything. I shut Christ out. I want to be strong and independent on my own. I fool myself into thinking I got this. 

Um, no. The other night I finally sat myself down to do my QuietTime. And I must add, the moment I decided "Emmy, you are spending time with your homeboy Jesus" my mind got filled with things I need to do, not later but now. Please note that was the devil.

So I set up shop. I can't begin to explain how every single quiet time I was reading was addressing everything I am facing. 

It astounds me how Christ gets my attention. It just blows my mind how Christ uses His Word and the people he's placed in my life to speak wisdom and guidance to me.

The purpose of this rant, make our relationship with Christ a priority. He is literally waiting on you to give him a chance. And we may not hear him directly, but He has gifted many people to speak into your life that are full of wisdom and knowledge. Tonight's source of wisdom and knowledge is coming from Jesus Calling. If my roommate was home this one night, she would have been hearing me yelling, "What?!" "Are you serious?!" along with "Okay, I get it!!"

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